Coppermine to NextGen Gallery NGG

This software is used to migrate Coppermine galleries to NextGen Gallery (NGG) on a Wordpress (WP) installation.

  1. Make copies of (1) your WP database (2) your WP installation
  2. Import 2 Coppermine's tables ("album" and "pictures") into your WP database. Makes sure these table don't overwrite any existing tables. You might use a tool like phpmyadmin.
  3. Make sure Coppermine's pictures are available on your server's file system. cm2ngg supposes that all Coppermine pictures are in one directory with no sub-directories!
  4. Download cm2ngg.tar.gz.
  5. Unpack it.
  6. Copy included cm2ngg.php somewhere on your web server.
  7. Edit cm2ngg.php and set the program constants as needed.
  8. Start cm2ngg.php through your web browser or php command line.
  9. Check your NGG through WP Admin -> Manage Gallery