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Amazon Selling: Advantages & Disadvantages

Selling on Amazon has different advantages and disadvantages. In addition it is necessary to make decisions about different options - we would be happy to assist you!


  • Over 240 million Amazon customers worldwide
  • Many potential buyers are looking for products only on Amazon
  • A fair bit of "Traffic" from the very first minute without having to pay for extra advertising
  • You don´t need your own Shop Software
  • By using the option „Shipping via Amazon" (FBA) you outsource your entire shipping logistics and benefit from low shipping cost
  • Well established Amazon partner program for affiliates


  • Amazon Sales Charge - depending on the product category between 7% and 20%
  • With the option „Shipping via Amazon“ shipping costs have to be included in the sale price
  • Several providers of the same product can result a price battle
  • Possibly limited opportunities to directly influence the display of a product
  • Amazon — a potential competitor
  • Dependency of Amazon


  • Do you want to ship on your own or would like outsource shipping via Amazon („Shipping via Amazon“ / FBA)?
  • On which marketplaces or in which countries do you want to sell your products?
  • Currently the following Amazon marketplaces exist: Germany/Austria, The UK, France, Italy, Spain, USA  Canada  MexicoBrazil, India, ChinaJapan and Australia. However, not all marketplaces offer all product categories - for example, clothes cannot be sold in Italy or in Spain.
  • Within the E.U. you can - as desired - deliver to all countries from a single warehouse or store your products separately in each country. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
  • With an Amazon campaign you have the opportunity to differentiate your sales from the competitors.

Translations for German Marketplace

Do you need your English product listing translated for the German marketplace? We provide content translated by German natives that not only sounds good but also sells well. Read more about this expertise or get in touch now!