simon consulting gmbh

Corporate Mission

The customer determines our actions

Our success is in direct connection to our customers. With our solutions to achieve their goals faster, better and easier.

Our employees are partners

Our employees have good working conditions. They are supported in their professional training and personal development. For us, free time does not only mean non-work, but a necessary regeneration process in order to perform at their bests.

Equality between the sexes is not only a matter of course, but is actively encouraged by us.

Successful business means: We win through profit

We are results-oriented and strive for outstanding success and lasting value increase. This provides us the necessary freedom of action and creates trust. We take the measures necessary to ensure economic success and optimize them according to time, quality and cost.

We are getting better through learning

Every one of us keeps going on with learning. We seek and give open feedback and learn from mistakes. Faster than anyone else we identify new opportunities and align solutions, organization and performance accordingly. We create a network of knowledge, in which every person gives and takes.